PV Tracking and Mounting Systems


safeTrack Horizon

Our horizontal tracking system

safeTrack Horizon Tracking Systems
  • Top performance
  • Fully bankable
  • Multi-terrain talent
  • Highest PV power density
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Superior drive
  • Ready for glass-glass modules / 1,500 V technology

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safeTrack Vertec

Our single-axis azimuth tracking system

safeTrack Vertec Tracking Systems
  • Additional yields of
    up to 35%
  • Wind tunnel tested
    up to 115 mph
  • Shade-free use of space
  • Suitable for steep slopes without grading works

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safeFix Steel

Our fixed-tilt ground-mount system

safeFix Mounting Systems
  • Quick, easy and safe installation
  • One-of-a-kind terrain handling
  • Reduced material usage
  • Reduced freight costs
  • Perfect load distribution

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German engineered mounting and tracking systems –
Photovoltaic frame solutions for the highest standards

The requirements of our customers and our own stringent quality standards provide the benchmarks for all research, development and production at IdeemaTec.

Whether you choose an azimuth tracker, a horizontal tracking system or a fixed mounting system, or whether you want an economical standard solution or custom-tailored components and special modifications – together with carefully selected partner firms and with full control over production, we make sure that our products are not only available at all times without problems or restrictions but that they also meet a whole range of requirements as well:

  • Rugged Design
  • Fast & Easy Fitting
  • Maximum Cost Efficiency
  • Maximum Module Compatibility
  • Versatile
  • Great Adaptability
  • Precision Product
  • Sturdy & Stress Resistant
  • Long Service Life