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click Another 103 MW project in Jordan equipped with IdeemaTec Systems

Wallerfing, Germany, 17 February 2017 – After supplying the safeTrack Horizon tracking system to Jordan in 2015/16, IdeemaTec Deutschland GmbH has supplied another 103.4 MW to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

IdeemaTec supplied one 51.7 MW project site with their fixed-tilt ground-mount system safeFix Steel. The other half will be equipped with their single-axis horizontally tracking system safeTrack Horizon which is already well-proven in desert areas like they are in this county. In 2015, IdeemaTec already gained experience by successfully commissioning their tracking systems, providing 101 MW for the Jordan PV government program. It’s the first time they supplied the fixed-tilt system to the kingdom.

Deliveries have been completed yet; both projects are currently under construction.

click IdeemaTec’s new delivery of 5 MW of tracker capacity contributes to further expansion of solar energy supply in Namibia

Wallerfing, Germany, 4 March 2016 – IdeemaTec Deutschland GmbH delivers 80 safeTrack Horizon trackers for the Otjozondjupa solar farm project in Namibia. The power station near Grootfontein will have a total capacity of 5 MW and is scheduled to commence operations in June 2016.

The systems, which track the position of the sun on a horizontal basis, will be equipped with 700 First Solar thin-film modules. The IdeemaTec tracker technology has been optimised even further and now requires only 16 foundations on a 120 m length.

The power station, which was developed by HopSol Africa, is IdeemaTec’s third project in Namibia. The safeTrack Horizon is expected to generate a 23% higher solar yield than systems with fixed mountings. The forecast 14,000 megawatt hours of solar power generated per year will be fed into the grid of the state power supply company NamPower, resulting in a long-term reduction of Namibia’s dependency on electricity imports.

click IdeemaTec delivers 90 MW of tracker capacity for US solar farm in hurricane region

Wallerfing, Germany, 8 December 2015 – The Cumberland County area in North Carolina, United States presents major challenges to PV tracking systems: They have to withstand wind speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, and snow loads of 10 psf. IdeemaTec Deutschland GmbH is currently delivering 1,200 of their strong wind safeTrack Horizon trackers for the challenging Principal Sunrise IV project at Hope Mills.

Construction of the 100 MW project, which covers an area of 300 ha, began in November 2015. 90% of the solar farm will be installed with the horizontal tracking safeTrack Horizon systems. “Cumberland County is located in the hurricane region. This year, we have already had nine hurricanes on the US east coast,” said Axel Hartung, Head of Sales and Marketing at IdeemaTec. “We are glad to be able to prove once again that our trackers can continue to work reliably even under extreme weather conditions.”

Even though the site presents major challenges to the structural stability of the tracking systems, 235 posts per MW capacity are sufficient for the safeTrack Horizon. This offers a considerable advantage to the customer in terms of costs and installation time.

click IdeemaTec dominates with 101 MW project volume tracker market in Jordan

Wallerfing, Germany, 20 October 2015 – IdeemaTec Deutschland GmbH is supplying seven large-scale projects for the Jordan PV government programme, and in so doing will receive a market share of over 50% of the current tracker market. For the total volume of 101 MW, the horizontally tracking safeTrack Horizon tracking systems with a tracking range of 45° and 55° will be used.

44 MW of tracker capacity has already been provided for the Oryx projects and for two projects in the Ma’an Development Area. Deliveries have begun for the 24 MW large-scale power plant in Mafraq. Three further contracts with a scope of 11 MW each have recently been signed with an international client, and deliveries for these will begin in the coming week.

The sites in Ma’an and Mafraq present particular challenges when it comes to constructing a plant, since they are crossed by wadis,” explains Axel Hartung, Head of Sales and Marketing at IdeemaTec. “The safeTrack Horizon makes it possible to build on difficult terrain without needing to conduct time-consuming earthworks with inclines of up to 20°. This technology that we have developed has played a key role in our being awarded these projects.”

Deliveries for the projects for all three large-scale plants in the Ma’an Development Area, around 200 km to the south of the capital Amman, are due to be completed by December.

click IdeemaTec starts delivering safeTrack Horizon tracking systems for 43.5 MW projects in Jordan

Wallerfing, Germany, 6 May 2015 – The horizontal tracking systems from IdeemaTec Deutschland GmbH will be used by the Jordanian government programme for renewable energies in three sub-projects, with a total volume of 43.5 MW.

The Oryx project, with 10.5 MW, will be implemented in the city of Ma’an, while the EJRE (22 MW) and GLAE (11 MW) projects will be implemented in the adjacent Ma’an Development Area, around 200 km south of the capital, Amman. IdeemaTec is currently delivering 150 safeTrack Horizon trackers for a PV capacity of 10.5 MW.

The solar power plants have been developed by Scatec Solar ASA and partners. According to Axel Hartung, Head of Sales and Marketing at IdeemaTec: “We were already able to prove the reliability of IdeemaTec and our products in 2013, when we delivered an 8.5 MW Scatec Solar project in Rwanda. The safeTrack Horizon is particularly suited to desert regions, since its patented tracking with steel cords means that sand-sensitive shock absorbers can be avoided. It was thanks to our special, fault-free technology and prompt delivery that we were awarded the new order, which has allowed us to enter the Jordanian market.”

The tracking systems for the Jordanian projects are fitted with 240 modules arranged in 4 x 10 rows for each tracker unit. A further advantage, which considerably shortens installation time, is the low number of pile foundations required. The safeTrack Horizon needs just 250 piles per 1 MW of output.

click IdeemaTec Selected For IUSASol safeTrack Installation with 21 MW Capacity in Mexico

Wallerfing, Germany, 15 April 2015
Advanced PV Tracker Technology used for 21 MW near Mexico City

SafeTrack Horizon solar tracker technology by IdeemaTec Deutschland GmbH, Germany’s leader in solar tracking, has been selected for the expansion of IUSASol’s photovoltaic farms in Pasteje, outside of Jocotitlán, in the State of Mexico, that have just been finished with Ideematec technology. A 15 MW and a 4 MW array will be added to the now complete 1 MW plant at Pasteje and the nearby 1 MW plant in Hureje, according to Joachim Wagner, the Director of Sales Americas for Wallerfing, Bavaria-based IdeemaTec.

IdeemaTec is providing design and engineering, as well as training and commissioning services in the projects, with safeTrack manufacturing taking place in both Mexico and Europe. Mexico City-based IUSASol, a member of the IUSA Group, will utilize a 60-cell configuration of its 250 Watt panels in the projects, performing the installation. IUSASol has invested over $200 million in a domestic solar panel manufacturing facility that has 500 MW of annual capacity.

Our SafeTrack Horizon technology was selected for its advantages of proven statistical stability, single line design for non-rectangular fields and damper-less design with ropes for zero twisting distortion common with some manufacturer’s designs,” notes Wagner. “The single line tracker design with no connections between rows located on non-rectangular and hilly fields are a perfect solution for such terrain, common in Mexico,” he adds. “At the same time we have eliminated the use of endurance– and statically–critical dampers,” he points out.

IdeemaTec has installed safeTrack Horizon solar tracking systems in South Africa, Cyprus, Namibia, Chile, Germany, Mexico and Rwanda, and negotiations are being concluded in two additional countries. Apart from these horizontal tracker installations the company’s single axis tracking systems have been installed in a host of countries around the world, including: Greece, India, Italy, Lithuania, South Africa, Spain, and the United States. IdeemaTec has a global installed base of over 30,000 vertical and horizontal trackers with a combined base of over 500 MW, apart from many MW of safeFix ground mount systems.

IdeemaTec tracker systems carry CE, UL, TUV and IFI certifications for global performance assurance, and the company offers standard warranties on its products for terms up to 20 years.

A photo of this installation can be downloaded HERE.

click Another African project for IdeemaTec in Namibia

Wallerfing, 13 August 2014 – IdeemaTec has once again demonstrated its engineering expertise and the flexibility of its horizontal tracking system. For the project, 64 safeTrack Horizon trackers are being optimised to accommodate 546 thin-film modules per unit.

A prerequisite for winning the contract for the solar farm planned near Omburo, which is 130 km north of Windhoek, was to offer a technical solution for the stress-free mounting of CIGS modules. This has been made possible thanks to the special design of the IdeemaTec tracker with its patented steel cable system. A diverse range of fixing points ensures that stresses are intelligently distributed, enabling the torsional forces on the module rack to be absorbed. This therefore ensures that thin-film modules can be used without any problems.

Another advantage is provided by the structural optimisation of safeTrack Horizon, which enables the foundations to be reduced. The tracking system requires just 250 pile foundations per MW, thus ensuring short installation times and lower investment costs.

IdeemaTec is responsible not only for supplying the tracker system but also for its correct commissioning. This is planned for March 2015. Once the solar farm has been completed, the energy generated will be fed into the grid belonging to the national utility, NamPower.

click IdeemaTec concludes delivery of safeTrack Horizon systems for 8.5 MW PV project in Rwanda

East Africa’s first megawatt class photovoltaic project will be equipped with horizontal single axis tracking systems by IdeemaTec Deutschland. At the site very close to the equator, the solar power plant with the safeTrack Horizon is forecast to increase the total power generation capacity of Rwanda by 8%.

The project-specific requirements for the power plant, which is located 60 km from Rwanda’s capital city Kigali, meant that the engineers from IdeemaTec were faced with particular challenges. The high wind loads in the region made it necessary to further improve the safeTrack Horizon. “Within just three weeks, our engineers were able to optimise the product to meet the requirements of the customer with regard to the mounting of four horizontally mounted 72-cell modules on our strong wind tracker,” reports Axel Hartung, manager of sales and marketing at IdeemaTec. “We are particularly proud of this achievement, since we also succeeded in further minimising the costs at the same time.”

The flexible design of the horizontal tracker is the ideal solution for the site, which has irregular terrain on the slope of a hill summit. Since the safeTrack Horizon can also be optimally adapted to the ground level, even with strong inclines of up to 20 degrees, the system makes almost all earthworks redundant. This leads to significantly lower investment costs and shorter installation times. The operating costs can also be reduced through the use of the tracking system: an independent drive for each system and the ability to operate without relying on power trains between the tracker rows makes it possible to drive through without impediments and results in a significant reduction in park maintenance work.

For IdeemaTec, the planned commissioning of the solar farm in August marks the conclusion of their third project in Africa. Already in March this year, a total volume of 33 MW was successfully delivered to the grid with the two power plants Herbert and Greefspan.

click IdeemaTec puts 7.8 MW project into operation with 3.7 MW tracking systems near Kelheim

3.7 MW of the horizontal tracking system, safeTrack Horizon, has been supplied for the solar farm in the area of Regensburg. IdeemaTec Deutschland has equipped a second section, amounting to 4.1 MW, with its fixed mounting system, safeFix Steel.

The project, which commenced operation in mid-May near Kelheim in Bavaria, is one of the few large-scale solar installations with tracking technology to be currently profitable for the operator in Germany. This is thanks to the extremely low investment and operating costs of the horizontal tracking system, safeTrack Horizon. According to the project developer, it increases the output at this location by up to 13 per cent relative to fixed mounting systems. With the additional energy yield in morning and evening hours, tracking offers an efficient alternative for direct electricity marketing.

We’ve once again further developed the technology for safeTrack Horizon,” reports Axel Hartung, Head of Sales and Marketing at IdeemaTec. “The new, flexible design can also be ideally adapted to the ground level on steep gradients and enables our customers to eliminate almost all earthworks. This obviously leads to significantly lower investment costs.”

Another advantage of the horizontal tracker is the more consistent power curve throughout the day, which contributes to grid stability. In addition, the available area is used more effectively than with conventional, south-facing systems.

Our products have been able to prove in many projects around the world that they’re amongst the sturdiest and most durable in the industry,” adds Axel Hartung. “For our customers, this is a great advantage because it enables them to significantly minimise their potential risks and operating costs.”

This also applies to the second section of the solar farm, which has been installed using safeFix Steel. The fixed mounting system, which is entirely made of steel, provides a patented adjustment system with infinitely adjustable module mounting. This enables the fixing points prescribed by module manufacturers to be precisely maintained. In addition, the special riveting system enables particularly quick module mounting with anti-theft protection.

click New high wind-resistant tracking system at SPI 2013

At this years’ Solar Power International in Chicago, IdeemaTec presented for the first time an advanced version of its existing safeTrack Horizon single axis tracking system.

SPI has been a great success”, says Axel Hartung – Head of Sales and Marketing at IdeemaTec. “We have seen a great interest in our tracking systems, but in particular in our tracking system designed for locations with exceptional high wind speeds.” Due to the new design, the advanced safeTrack Horizon is able to withstand wind speeds up to 180 mph without giving up the concept of a light and cost efficient structure. This makes our new tracking system the first cost-efficient solution for high wind locations, says Hartung. “Various potential customers from the Caribbean or project developers with Caribbean projects visiting the SPI explained, that there is a significant need for high wind resistant tracking systems and a particular interest in safeTrack Horizon. But visitors of the SPI also asked for the standard version of safeTrack Horizon. The specific characteristics of our tracking systems are a big advantage compared to other single axis tracking systems.”

Due to the innovative steel rope technology, the tracker is statically defined in all positions. Unlike oil or gas based dampers, steel ropes provide a statically defined damping effect, acting consistently even in an environment with large temperature ranges. Like the original safeTrack Horizon, the new design as well is tracking in single rows without drive shafts connecting each row with the next. Therefore no obstacles in-between of the trackers do prevent an automated cleaning of PV panels. Beyond that, the design allows a flexible ground coverage ratio lowering or enlarging distances between of the trackers according to requirements of the project. Even an installation on grounds sloped up to 20° (36%) in North-South direction and yet more in East-West direction is not a problem at all. This saves enormous cost and time efforts for grading works. Like all IdeemaTec tracking systems, the new design is easy to install, without the need for on-site welding and heavy installation equipment. Thanks to the use of robust, long life components – installed and proven in more than 28.000 IdeemaTec tracking systems – safeTrack Horizon stands out as a reliable and long lasting tracking system.

click IdeemaTec participates in Caribbean Energy Forum

IdeemaTec is presenting its new high wind resistant tracking system safeTrack Horizon at the Caribbean Energy Forum in Aruba from October 0911, 2013 to project developers for the Caribbean market.

The safeTrack Horizon is designed to resist wind speeds up to 180 mp/h throughout the whole lifetime of a project, and is available at most competitive pricings. For more information about the forum please visit

Please contact David Miles at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +1 (831) 5884260 for a meeting at CREF 2013.

click Azimuth tracking systems for 33 MW PV projects in South Africa

Two of Africa’s most powerful photovoltaic plants to feature 6,000 safeTrack Vertec tracking systems by IdeemaTec Deutschland GmbH.

Construction has already started on both projects which are part of Government’s IPP Procurement Program: For the 22 MW Herbert project IdeemaTec will supply 4,000 safeTrack Vertec, and 2,000 trackers for the Greefspan project with a capacity of 11 MW. The projects are expected to be completed by Q2 2014.

IdeemaTec is not only supplying the tracking systems, they will also be supervising the building process during the entire time. Apart from that, they are responsible for the commissioning of the trackers.

Project holder is AE-AMD Renewable Energy, a joint venture between the Spanish AMDA energia, the South African Alt-E Technologies and Tenesol, a SunPower company (NASDAQ:SPWR). The ground-mounted solar systems will hold 138,000 Tenesol TE 240 photovoltaic solar panels. Tenesol will also act as EPC for the two projects.

We are very happy that Tenesol has chosen IdeemaTec for this project”, said Axel Hartung, Vice President Sales & Marketing at IdeemaTec. ”These are really important PV projects for South Africa, and we are proud that IdeemaTec’s products can prove their robustness and reliability”.

Each of the 6,000 safeTrack Vertec azimuth trackers is equipped with 23 modules. Despite challenging soil conditions, IdeemaTec’s engineers made the use of cost saving and quick to assemble driven foundations possible.

click New tracking system safeTrack Horizon at Intersolar Europe

IdeemaTec Deutschland specializes in mounting systems for large-scale solar systems and is proud to present its latest development: a highly flexible solution for installations on sloping ground. The horizontal tracker can be installed without any time-consuming earthworks at inclines of up to 15% (8.53°) in a north-south direction.

Every tracker unit features its own drive and can be loaded with up to 48 modules for an output of up to 12 kW. The safeTrack Horizon design means that there’s no need for additional drive trains between the rows. This in turn reduces maintenance costs because it’s easier to clean the modules and look after the ground underneath. In addition, the small system units make the solar field less prone to faults and more capable of withstanding high wind loads.

Improved use of surface area with intelligent backtracking
“The flexible construction of our new tracking system enables the rows to be installed more closely together, which considerably increases the ground coverage ratio,” explains Axel Hartung, Head of Sales and Marketing at IdeemaTec. “Thanks to the intelligent backtracking feature, we can guarantee that the modules will have unobstructed access to sunlight during the morning and afternoon hours. As a result, our new product is ideally suited to difficult terrain as well as confined areas.”

Fast and cost-effective installation on all kinds of terrain
The clever positioning of the posts, low construction height and straightforward installation without the need for heavy equipment all ensure considerable savings during the installation. A variety of different foundations make it possible to install the safeTrack Horizon on all kinds of surfaces, so it’s suitable for solar farms all over the world.

Visitors at Intersolar Europe can check out IdeemaTec’s latest tracking system in Hall C2 at Booth C2.210.

click fixedTilt π, a solution for large-scale facilities

IdeemaTec Deutschland GmbH has made further developments to its service-proven fixed tilt mounting solution for open-ground facilities. With a 10% saving in installation time and 20% reduction in costs compared to the previous model, the new fixedTilt π meets the higher standards customers now expect from racking systems.

The new solution is made completely from S235 and S355 roll-formed steel – and is therefore much cheaper. The module rail in π–design, hence the name, has special strip-coating and enables virtually endless rack lengths to be constructed with maximum spacing between supports. This reduces the costs of facility construction even more.

Optimized design features
In addition to benefits in terms of price, the fixedTilt π also offers genuine improvements in terms of design as well. The modules can now be mounted strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, meaning that warranty requirements are always met. This is made possible by an innovative rail system with a patented infinitely adjustable holder for both the upright and horizontal arrangement of the modules. When it comes to the foundations, the larger area of the newly developed Z-shaped post helps transfer force to the ground more effectively. This means that the system holds more firmly, especially in soft ground.

Rivet fasteners combine time savings with protection against theft
The new means of fastening the modules by riveting not only saves a lot of time, it also provides more effective protection against theft at the same time. Standard commercially available module clamps can also be used optionally for crystalline and thin-film modules as well.

Services with project-specific production
“By optimizing the economic aspects of the fixedTilt π at a time when module prices are continuing to come down, our aim is to provide our customers with even more support to help them stay competitive in the highly competitive segment of open-ground facilities,” explains Axel Hartung, Sales Manager at IdeemaTec. “At the same time our partners can naturally also count on our complete package of service. For the new system this means not just support with the planning of the facility and site layout, but project-specific engineering of profile rails as well, for example.”

click First IdeemaTec Project in India

Right now, the first big photovoltaic park with IdeemaTec trackers is being built in India. 1910 pieces of ST 32 tracking systems are being installed in Gujarat and will form a PV plant of 11 MWp total output after their completion.

India's first PV project with IdeemaTec trackers
PV power plant in India

click New IdeemaTec Project in the USA

Right now, in the middle of November 2011, a photovoltaic plant of 12 MWp is being built with IdeemaTec tracking systems in the south-west of the USA.

The challenge of this project is the soft, sandy soil. In order to ensure the stability of the driving pile, it had to be modified. The new design helps compacting the sandy soil around the pile automatically by driving it in. The special shape of the “fins” prevents the tracker from twisting in the soft soil.


Driving piles for IdeemaTec's PV trackers in the U.S.

click IdeemaTec trackers withstand a tornado

Uncovered roofs, broken windows and collapsed buildings, downed power lines — these were the results of a tornado with wind speeds of up to 180 km/h that was raging in several towns in Lower Bavaria on July 13th 2011. Photovoltaic systems also were not spared from the violent storm. Rooftop installations as well as ground-mounted systems suffered some massive damage.

However, IdeemaTec’s products have once more proven their stability in this storm, thanks to their robust design: Both the 1 MW power plant with its tracking systems, as well as the fixed ground-mount solar farm in Neusling came out unscathed. The examination of the tracking systems ST 25 by IdeemaTec’s technicians showed that they were properly functioning, while other PV power plants in the vicinity seemed less resilient.


IdeemaTec's trackers after the tornado in Plattling

IdeemaTec’s trackers after the tornado in Plattling
PV installations damaged by the storm

Adjacent PV installations damaged by the storm

click Ideematec supplies tracking systems for 7.56 MW PV project in Italy

One of Italy’s most powerful photovoltaic plants features 1787 ST 25 tracking fastening systems by IdeemaTec Deutschland GmbH.

Today the plant, a project managed by Deutsche Bank, was officially commissioned in Torre Santa Susanna, Apulia.

The Ideematec safeTrack systems were chosen specifically for their reliability, stability and their suitability for difficult terrain. The subsoil on the 19 hectare site in Southern Italy predominantly consists of tufa. With concrete not being an option, the engineers at Ideematec had to develop a customised foundation pipe customised for the site which was secured via ramming.

Ideematec was responsible not only for supplying the tracking systems but also for installing them. Since temperatures in the area can be extreme, the tracking systems had to be pre-assembled in halls. Once fitted with PV modules, the tracking systems were transported to the final site in small trucks.

Sold as a turnkey system to an unnamed investor, the large-scale photovoltaic plant in the solar growth country Italy is set to supply solar electricity to 3,300 four-person households for the next 20 years or more.